Jai Prakash

Jai Prakash: The Secunda native spent most of his childhood perfecting his computer programming skills, and eventually left the IT world to become an actor. Today the comedic actor has also had many physically challenging theatre roles. His interests include hiking and playing games on his computer. Jai’s screen appearances include ‘7de Laan’, ‘City Ses’la’, a ‘Robbie Wessels’ music video and several featured commercials. Although he loves being active, he sucks at team sports.


Ravi Chetty

Age: 25 
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Indian 
Language: English
Marital Status: Single 
Profession: Waiter

Ravi is the waiter/ bartender at the casino bar. He specialises in cocktails and “flaring” for the customers. He is inquisitive, nosey and curious and needs a mere suggestion to jump to the craziest of conclusions. He has the best advice handy for any drunk that dare lament his lot or bad luck. Ravi always sees the bright side of life. His advice is often questionable but somewhere in it lies hidden some wisdom. He is loyal to the casino and sees this as a meal ticket he does not intend to discard.

Flaw: pushover